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Discover the world with Globe Chaser

As children, we used to run through the streets to follow the clues that led us to the long-awaited treasure on our homemade scavenger hunt . Nostalgic yet modern, the scavenger hunt is a timeless activity that has been going on for decades, delighting young and old alike. Scavenger hunt experiences are special. Today, they usually no longer take place with pieces of paper and pens. They are taken to the next, digital level with our innovative outdoor app. The app is unique for tourism companies because it allows guests to explore tourist hot spots in a playful way.

App for team building activities outdoor - Globe Chaser

An outdoor app for exciting adventures

With Globe Chaser you experience a new kind of scavenger hunt that builds on the original concept and adds new features. Digital and user-friendly, you can plan your own scavenger hunt and adapt it to your needs. Due to the complex programming and years of development, Globe Chaser is incomparable on the market and the only scavenger hunt app that is as individual as you are. In addition to being easy to use, you can set the design to your preferred colours and switch between day and night modes.

The app’s application is also unique: you can carry out your planned scavenger hunt all over the world, so you can explore not only big cities like Berlin or Paris, but also vast landscapes with unexplored paths. Go on an exciting sightseeing tour and get to know your surroundings or combine it with a wine hike through the mountains. Make this an unforgettable experience for you and your friends that will let you see the world from a different perspective.

App for outdoor adventures for kids and families - Globe Chaser

Makes children's hearts beat faster - An outdoor scavenger hunt

Our app is designed for all ages. Children in particular can playfully and easily create their own routes for your scavenger hunt thanks to the user-friendly interface, which they can then carry out with their friends. The use of new media is then combined with an exciting afternoon outdoors, so that your children can not only enjoy nature, but also take away something valuable. Our app is also popular for children’s birthday parties, turning a simple party into a meaningful memory. Add fun questions or create exciting tasks that your children have to solve on their own adventure. So the next children ‘s birthday party can come.

Globe Chaser Outdoor App for tourism companies

Professional app for teambuilding agencies

Globe Chaser offers many different challenges that you can fill with fun, self-compiled content. For professional use as a team builder, Globe Chaser has already been in use since the beta phase app for teambuilding agencies and solves many a conflict with brains, sportsmanship and fresh air. You can choose between simple multiple-choice questions, information points on specific locations on your route or video and photo tasks to match your moment. Choose whether you want to use them only for your own scavenger hunt or share them with our large Globe community. Draw from the infinite creativity of our community and share your ideas with others.

Become part of the Globe Chaser community

Want to learn more about Globe Chaser? Then we can only recommend our Help Desk, which gives you useful tips on creating your scavenger hunt and a guide to the individual features. You can also find more information about the app and us on our website – so take a look around!

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