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Experience exciting outdoor adventures across the U.S. and the whole world. Make every team building event unforgettable with just one app!

Create exceptional scavenger hunts and rallies across the U.S. and Canada

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No matter if you’re an individual customer or run a company: everybody can try Globe Chaser for free!

One app for exciting outdoor adventures

The perfect solution when it comes to outdoor team building activities, events and scavenger hunts.

For Teambuilder and Event Planners
Grow your teams with fun!

Does your event planning company offer team building events? Are you still looking for a one-in-all app to make team building more exciting? Try out Globe Chaser.

For individuals
The best fun events with one app

Whether it's a children's birthday party, a bachelor party or simply a leisure activity - the easy planning will make your fun outdoor activities really unforgettable.

Get ready for exciting Outdoor adventures

Your next outdoor team building or geocaching event will be a truly extraordinary adventure with Globe Chaser. You can plan your tour in almost any region of the world and you have the largest mobile operating systems to choose from. Globe Chaser runs via Native React technology on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). We are also currently working on a version for all Android tablets and smartphones as well as other operating systems.

Globe Chaser USA - Scavenger Hunt and Rallye App
Outdoor activities with team. Globe Chaser app for adventure scavenger hunt events in leisure time.

More than just geocaching

With Globe Chaser you are able to create exciting team building events and fun outdoor experiences as well as city tours and excursions for teams, families and friends. You get countless options within just one app. Enjoy exciting challenges with riddles, puzzles, quiz challenges and more. Globe Chaser simply redefines outdoor team building. Friends and especially families with children benefit from the app as they are now able to create exciting scavenger hunts for birthdays and rallies through the city. Make a pub crawl interactive for a bachelor party or spice up your vacation by planning a smart rally. And best of all: The private edition of Globe Chaser is free of charge!

Scavenger hunt app Globe Chaser

The Globe Chaser app is available in three editions. Thus, it is tailored to the needs of our customers. As a private user you benefit from a lot of features to create routes, scavenger hunt experiences and geocaching adventures and tasks within seconds. For tourism agencies and tour operators, Globe Chaser offers a thousand possibilities: whether city tours, guided city tours, adventure expeditions, walking tours or simply as an interactive guiding app, Globe Chaser is the perfect companion for all tourists. And event agencies benefit from an outdoor app for the best team building events to motivate teams. All editions have special features, which you can read about on our pages.