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App for tourism, tour guides and city rallies on vacation and excursions - Excursion App Globe Chaser

Guided city tours and exploration tours with a guide are tried and tested in tourist strongholds. But what happens when there are not enough guides available? That’s where Globe Chaser comes in. Globe Chaser is a smart city tour app that can be downloaded onto an Android or iOS device and guides tourists smartly around your city. We call it an ‘experience city tour’ because every tour with Globe Chaser is an experience .

The application uses smart technology to allow guests to use their smartphone as a guide to their own city, its attractions or other destinations.

Many advantages for tourism agencies and tour operators

Especially for travel agencies and tourism offices, the Globe Chaser app offers many advantages such as:

  • Smart city explorations with an adventure character
  • Scavenger Hunt Experiences for Families with Children
  • Informative routes through the city without tasks, quasi as a travel guide
  • Themed tours (e.g. brewery tours …) for specific groups of guests
  • Independence in terms of staff planning for tourism activities
  • Receive quick feedbacks through app-internal feedback system for better analysis of the tours offered
  • 24/7 availability of tourist tours
  • Full control anywhere in the world where there is an LTE network and GPS
  • Live tracking of users via an interactive map
  • In App Chat functions, if desired

The advantages that tour operators and tourism offices have with the app are manifold. First of all, there is the issue of guides. Many tourism strongholds know the problem of not having enough city guides and guides to lead groups of tourists, especially in holiday regions. This is now a thing of the past, because with the Globe Chaser tourism app, such tours can be digitised with just a few clicks. Tourism offices and tour operators alike can use the app to design adventure hikes and discovery tours. The whole thing can take the form of a scavenger hunt or a simple rally.

Feedback from tourism guests is stored transparently

The app offers many benefits to both tourism agencies and tour operators in terms of on-site guest services. Visitors are welcome to provide feedback on their experiences with Globe Chaser tours. Travellers can make suggestions for future attractions, nominate attractions that should be removed or updated, and provide other feedback.

Increase the attractiveness of your destination and location with just one app

For tourism agencies , the app is a way to increase their revenue through more efficient marketing activities, because travellers’ reviews can help to increase the attractiveness of the city or place. This is especially interesting for travel agencies that bring tour groups to a place that has many sights and tourist magnets. In the end, this makes it easier for all agencies to decide which tourism highlights can be included or omitted in the next programme.

Perfect upgrade to tourist offers at a fixed price

With Globe Chaser, tourism offices and tour operators get an app solution that can do more than just city tours and is more adventurous than scavenger hunt apps. With just a few clicks, exciting routes to the region’s tourist hot spots are created. The app is available at a fixed price starting at 790 € net per year for tourism agencies and tour operators to make the tourist offer in the respective destination more attractive. For tour operators with several destinations (e.g. cruise companies), a plan of the app is offered that can be programmed independent of location.

When will Globe Chaser be available and on which platforms?

Globe Chaser is now available on Android and iOS / iPadOS devices and free of charge for users. The app can also be tested free of charge by tourism agencies and tour operators. For more information and offers or customised solutions, please contact Globe Chaser Support.

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