Scavenger hunt app. Outdoor experiences.

Kids' birthday parties. Bachelor parties. Enjoy family-time with Globe Chaser.

Globe Chaser App is great for many occasions.

Enjoy fun outdoor adventures with smart technology.

Birthday parties with a scavenger hunt

Exciting adventures not only for kids
With Globe Chaser, every kids' birthday party becomes an outdoor hit, both summer and winter. Plan your scavenger hunt with just a few clicks and child-friendly questions.
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A wide range of outdoor rallies & tours

City tour, Bachelor parties with smart guide
If you want to experience a cultural city tour interactively on vacation or celebrate the bachelor party with your friends - Globe Chaser makes the trip an unforgettable experience.
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GC- Smart-Dashboard system

Create your adventures with just a few clicks
Not only the app is easy to use, the back-end system works intuitively as well. Plan your first route yourself or via the auto-route-system with just one click.
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Looking for an exciting outdoor activity with friends or family? Plan your kids' birthday party and scavenger hunt with just one app. Enjoy a great time together!

"Globe Chaser is a revolutionary app experience!"
Rebecca Lenz, b-ceed: events!

Plans and pricing

Look forward to exciting hours outdoors with your leisure app Globe Chaser. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt for a child’s birthday, a rally for a bachelor party or for other occasions: Globe Chaser is your ideal companion for exciting tours and excursions around the world. You can plan and carry out one trip every month for free. If you want, you can use Globe Chaser more often – you can download exciting upgrades, elevation models for hiking and biking tours and much more in the Globe Chaser Store.

Family and Friends

Free for lifetime
  • One adventure a month
  • Intuitive route and experience designer
  • Create adventure routes on foot and by bike
  • Activate one smart device per experience
  • Up to 5 waypoints with challenge per route
  • Create your own challenges and tasks
  • In-app image and video gallery
  • Join the challenge & route market

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Come on board and learn about Globe Chaser’s features. It is fun and easy to use. You will get on with it in minutes. Plan great outdoor adventures for your whole family and friends: scavenger hunts, rallies, fun events and more.

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Celebrate a smart birthday

Celebrate your loved one’s birthday outdoors and start a real scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt with Globe Chaser can also be designed with real, physical tasks e.g. finding certain objects on the route and taking pictures of them. Other tasks include “sing your song”, build a sundial and more. You then enter the answers in the app and it’s off to the next checkpoint. Whether on foot or by bike: your next scavenger hunt with your family is going to be a highlight.

Schnitzeljagd mit Globe Chaser zum (Kinder)Geburtstag - mit dem Fahrrad oder zu Fuß
App for city tour and city rally - tourist version of Globe Chaser

Fun Events & excursions

Make your birthday, bachelor party or other fun event the ultimate outdoor experience. An excursion with Globe Chaser will be fun and can also be very educational. During excursions you can check famous places on the display and get interesting information about it. Your bachelor party will be special and entertaining with an outdoor app like Globe Chaser – with funny tasks not only for the bachelor or bachelorette but also for all other guests.

Get ready for a truly exceptional outdoor experience with just one app.

Planning your leisure time with one app

It has never been easier to plan your free time in a smarter way before. You always have all scheduled events in sight, thanks to Globe Chaser’s smart Dashboard. The best photos from the scavenger hunt or the funniest video tasks, taken at the bachelor party are safely stored and can be downloaded directly to your smart device. Feel free to share your experiences and adventures on social media.

4 steps to get started

If you’re not sure yet, what occasion the Globe Chaser would be good for, there’s no need to worry. The app and the dashboard are free for you as a private customer. Only if you want to upgrade your experience, you can buy extra features in our store. The Globe Chaser App is also a great tool if you want to plan a bachelor or bachelorette party, school events or trips with friends or family. You can even make your whole holiday an unforgettable experience. Contact us now – completely free of charge and non-binding. 

1. Get on board for free

First register free of charge and take a look at everything at your leisure. Practical tips give you the incentive to start planning right away. Create your first adventure within minutes.

2. Create your 1st adventure

You'll quickly realize how easy it is to create an experience. Pick free routes near you or plan your own challenges. Use the Globe Hub with just a few clicks and minutes of learning.

3. Customize and Upgrade

Depending on what you want to plan next, extra features are useful. For example, if you want to compete against another team or plan longer tours, these can be purchased in the store.

4. Have fun and enjoy

Activate your experience in the dashboard and then you're ready to go. Download the app on your smart phone (iOS - Android as of 08/21) and simply paste the adventure code.

Get the adventure app Globe Chaser

Globe Chaser® is the new app for outdoor leisure experiences. Experience scavenger hunt adventures, city rallies and more with just one app. The app guarantees fun for the whole family and exciting outdoor experiences with friends. Make your free time more exciting from now on and bring your family and friends outside. Whether in the city, in the countryside, in the forest or at the lake: Globe Chaser makes you move and provides exciting outdoor experiences for children, families and friends on the iPad and iPhone.

Are you planning the next children’s birthday party and still lack exciting ideas for games? Then Globe Chaser is the perfect choice to turn a classic scavenger hunt into an exciting experience. It’s up to you whether you play together in a group or compete against each other in teams or as individual players. Exciting puzzles are waiting to be solved by you. Try Globe Chaser now and look forward to a digital scavenger hunt app for the whole family.